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Environmental protection equipment

Many enterprises choose Lectra environmental protection 6 Dali by


Independent R & D team, strong

More than 20 R & D team to develop products with international standards, advanced processing technology, effectively improve work efficiency,Monthly production reached more than 100 units


The high quality of the product of the process of precision

From raw materials to finished products, a total of 10 standardized production procedures, each procedure has been carefully monitored, the error down to a minimum,Guarantee high quality products



20 years focus on environmental protection equipment R & D and production sales

Each machine is designed according to the customer, each unit in the production of a professional test platform before testing qualified factory,Like all walks of life in the field of industrial environmental protection equipment operation


All materials are imported and the performance is more stable.

Using Japan, Europe and the United States and Taiwan imported brands

Performance is more stable


The most reasonable cooling system matching

Have to go through computer simulation's R & D team for each type,Select the best quality environmental protection system configuration


For you to create the most professional, the most effective solution

Has established a perfect after-sales service system, exempt from the customer's worries;Free technical services, free of charge to install, free one year warranty

After-sale service

Environmental protection equipment

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Lectra environmental science and technology  Lectra Environmental Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the steam condensate recovery technology, nano powder concentration, closed condensate recovery equipment, magnetic water treatment technology, mold temperature control technology consulting services, systems development, equipment manufacturing and sales of high-tech ...


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press center

Warm celebration of the company's production of condensate water recycling machine series


Warm to celebrate the company's production of condensate water recycling machine series was "China's product quality assurance center," included in the "national quality trustworthy product".

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Lectra environmental protection technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Contact: Miss Zhang

Electric words: 0512-55171739

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Address: Jiangsu province Kunshan City Zhang Pu Garden Road No. 889

Postal Code: 215300

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